We take pride in what we do and what we deliver to audiences and clients worldwide. We don't shy away from challenging projects, no matter how big or small. Let us show you what we've accomplished over the years, what partners we love working with and what we've got cooking on on a daily basis.


From July 16th 2019 onwards, the world's best World of Warcraft guild "Method" settled down in the TaKeTV studios to achieve one thing - the World First Kill of  Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace!
For almost two weeks a big part of their crew united in our location and spent night and day on several hundreds of tries. More than eight casters, all of them famous in the World of Warcraft community, brought the special appeal of an esports tournament to the event. Finally, Method got what they wanted and won the Race to World First, laying the Queen to rest.
TaKeTV was in charge of the production including all streams (playerstreams & mainstream) which were live for 24 hours every day, without ending the broadcast before the final boss has been defeated.



We had the exciting opportunity to bring the Atlantic Showdown to Krefeld into our Gaming Bar. From May 31st to June 2nd, we hosted one of the largest Overwatch events in close cooperation with Blizzard. The best Overwatch Contenders teams from North America, South America and Europe competed against each other to take home an awesome trophy and a prizepool of 125.000$. Our location was converted from a cosy gaming bar to an esports arena. We were reponsible for all the tasks related to this project. This means that we did not only produce the live event, but also created 40 media segments over the run of the tournament to create an incredible show.


On December 15th and 16th 2018 we produced the Porsche Sim Racing Summit in Leipzig and had the chance to create one of the biggest international live sim racing esports event in an amazing location. The racetrack in the Porsche center has a special atmosphere which created a close connection between esports and the racing sport. Every player drove with a professional racer on the racetrack to get the real feeling of the race sport. We were responsible for the broadcast, camera technic, production, stage setup, pictures and the highlight videos.



Since 2016, we have produced the event stage for DreamHack Leipzig, which is one of our biggest remote productions that takes place annually.
There are several shows from various partners in different games as well as the finals of the LAN party.

The highlight of the game-packed weekend is the cosplay contest, where people from all over the world show their crafty skills in different cosplay categories. In addition to this, there is the casemodding championship where people showcase their modded cases in all its glory as well as sponsored content.


2017 and 2018 we produced the toughest Street FighterV tournament in the world called Red Bull The Pit. Streetfighter tournaments are famous for loud and very supportive spectators. We worked in close cooperation with Red Bull to make Red Bull The Pit the best it could be. The event took place in Cologne in two unique locations and we were responsible for the project management, tournament organisation, player and stage management, broadcast and camera technic, production and the highlight reel. We built a street style atmosphere to create an unforgettable event for the Streetfighter community.