TaKeTV events are known for their homey and casual atmosphere that brings out the personality of players and casters as never seen before. Our formula is easy: make the players the linchpin of the show, make them relatable and easy to root for. This has proven successful in plenty of games and formats and is welcomed by partners and viewers.

HomeStory Cup

One of the most successful and longest standing StarCraft II tournaments in the world and the prototype TaKeTV event.

Twice a year SC2 pros from all around the world are coming together in our studio to compete for a five digit prize pool.

The matches are commentated by fellow players and a handful of professional casters to create a more fun and casual atmosphere as opposed to other, more uptight esport tournaments.

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DraftStory Cup

The DSC caters to console gamers and football fans by bringing the world's most popular regular sport into the world of esports.

The very best international FIFA players turn our studio and bar into a football pitch for a weekend of goals and foosball.

The name of the event stems from the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Mode that is used to build each players' club, adds a splash of strategic thinking and often leads to unexpected results.

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DamagegermanY has become a staple in the competitive European Tekken scene. Over 180 players from all over the world go head to head and gather to celebrate a weekend of fighting game madness.

The team that's running the event found a home in our venue in Krefeld and together we've organized two of the annual events so far.

The German Tekken community at large has taken root in in our location by now as well and gathers regularly for TEKKENMANIA tournaments.

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SeatStory Cup

The SeatStory Cup got its name from gaming chair manufacturer NEEDforSEAT and is a virtual card game tournament featuring successful progamers and popular streamers.

Cardgames appeal to a much broader audience than hardcore esports and we are doubling down on that idea with motto parties for each edition and even more out-of-game content.

While we started out exclusively with Hearthstone, we also dipped into other card game franchises recently and are currently waiting for a good opportunity to host the next SSC.

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When Overwatch took over the esports scene in 2016 we were the first movers and organized TaKeOver - a tournament that concluded a year-long betaphase and pitted the best teams in the world against each other at a time when the Overwatch League still sounded like a pipe dream.

Ever since we are following the competitive Overwatch scene closely and look for opportunities to get involved. For example:

  • 2nd edition of TaKeOver and a Overwatch Anniversary event in 2017
  • Our own Overwatch team called the Angry Titans
  • Involved with Overwatch Contenders since Day 1

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