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posted by Third-Children 20.06.2012


After Sleep, Light & Nerchio, another two people will get the chance to qualify for the HomeStoryCup V powered by XMG. Both Qualifiers will be played this weekend. We will start with the Korean Qualifier on Friday, 22th of June 15.15 CEST, followed by the second European Qualifier on Saturday, 23th of June 15.00 CEST.




The Check In for the Korean Qualifier will start June, 22th 14.15 CEST //  21.15 KST //  8.15 EDT

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The Check In for the European Qualifier will start June, 23th 14.30 CEST //  21.30 KST //  8.30 EDT

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To participate in one of the qualifiers, you need to live in the region, the qualifier is assigned to.





To ensure a weekend of StarCraft II pleasure, Dennis 'TaKe' Gehlen will cast both events in his usual manner, support bei Dario 'TLO' Wünsch. So get your drinks & snacks together, because it's going to be a long weekend filled with top quality RTS-Action!



Show Schedule:


HomeStoryCup V powered by XMG KR Qualifier: June, 22th 15.00 CEST //  22.00 KST //  9.00 EDT

HomeStoryCup V powered by XMG EU Qualifier #2: June, 23th 15.30 CEST //  22.30 KST //  9.30 EDT





The TaKeTV Crew

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