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posted by n1n0 07.12.2011


Today we proudly present you with the first update, showing the first six players that have been confirmed as participants of HSC IV. We are very pleased to be able to welcome these world class players to our tournament.

Furthermore, we are also looking forward to your guesses about who the next six players we announce will be. The news will be coming soon, but until then, happy guessing.





Of course we would also like to introduce you to some of our sponsors and partners.


First there is ESL TV. They offer a very nice premium stream for our cup, which will provide you with excellent live coverage all the way from the qualifiers to the finals at a very reasonable price.

Defnitely check it out here and give it a try: HomeStoryCup Premium offer.




Then there is ROCCAT, who have already provided us with amazing support during HSC III, and continue to do so now. They offer excellent quality gaming hardware and accessories, which are worth checking out for every gamer, no matter if you are casual or pro.


Please like them on Facebook: ROCCAT



And last but not least, we want to call your attention to the nice guys of needforseat.de, who will provide us with ten additional DXRACER chairs, which will make the cup even more enjoyable and comfortable for the players.




Please remember that the qualifiers for the open slots are this weekend.


The dates are as follows:


12/16/2011 Qualifier USA at 9 PM CET (3 PM EST)
12/17/2011 Qualifier Europe at 4 PM CET
12/18/2011 Qualifier Korea at 12 PM CET (8 PM KST)


Furthermore, we would like to announce the timetable for the mainevent.


Thursday, 1.5.2012: 1:00 PM CET (Berlin Time)

Friday, 1.6.2012: 2:00 PM CET

Saturday, 1.7.2012: 2:00 PM CET

Sunday, 1.8.2012: 2:00 PM CET


Dennis also uploaded a video for you, which sums the news up






Hopefully, the majority of you know what the HomeStoryCup powered by XMG means: StarCraft II at the highest level, unique close-ups on the stars, high quality castings - eSports coming home.


From the January 5th - January 8th, Dennis will again invite the best players in the world to his appartment, to show you StarCraft II of the highest quality. Even off screen there will be a lot of interesting and funny content, which will give the SC2-Scene a lot to talk about


If you still don't know, what we're talking about, you should watch this video:


As usual, we're trying to top the previous HomeStoryCup powered by XMG. And to achieve this, we're pushing ourself like crazy. Six HD Cams will be at the set, to create a close up view from the players.
The casting-area will be reconstructed for the HomeStoryCup IV powered by XMG and we will add a lot of new equipment. The new equipment will provide you with a first-person view directly from the player's screen.
We are able to create a conference with the new features. And with that, it's possible to directly switch from one game to another. Dennis uploaded a video for additional informations.



Due to the extra cameras, we're able to show the stars, while they're playing poker or FIFA '12 (over-shoulder view). This time around, to prevent you from missing anything, there will be a series. We will offer the Main-Stream, a B-Stream, and a Webcam-Stream. On those streams, Kevin „RotterdaM“ Van der Kooi, Ben „Mr. Bitter“ Nichol and Dennis „TaKe“ Gehlen will provide you with an amount of Starcraft 2 action and interviews like never before.

You can even watch our chef, while he's preparing the food for the players. We will also provide the players (Aditionally to the food) with hot spiced wine and hot chocolate in our atrium.

With that, we're guaranteeing that the players will be in top shape all around.

The origin of barcrafting returns, too. Like the last time, we managed in cooperation with the irish pub a broadcast from the HomeStoryCup IV, to offer a public viewing event within the pub

For all of those who stayed at home, we will have two special HD offers. For 7.50 € you will be able to watch the qualifiers and the main event. For those of you who are too busy during the holidays to watch it all, we also offer the possibility to purchase a pass for the main event only, which will cost 5 €. So, for 7.50 €, you can sit comfortably on your couch and watch Starcraft 2 on our high quality stream.


An event like this also needs sponsors of course. We are glad to anounce the good people at XMG as our first sponsor. XMG is now participating for the 4th time, and is therefore our oldest and most reliable partner. Look them up at www.mysn.de.There you will find great notebooks for very reasonable prices. You won't be disappointed.


Small Announcement from Mr. Bitter


The value and recognition of the Homestory Cup powered by XMG as an event within the Starcraft 2 community is constantly improving. For Homestory Cup IV powered by XMG, we are proud to announce that in cooperation with out sponsors, we have amassed a 15.000 Dollar pricepool.

We have also come up with a new tournament system. There will be 32 players, who will compete over a period of 4 days in an intense tournament. We will provide you with more information about that in our next announcement.


Who is that? The first players?

Probably the biggest change to the HomeStoryCup III will be the online-qualifer. There will be three qualifiers: One for Europe, one for Amercia and one for Korea.
Of course, everyone is allowed to participate.

As you can see, we're aiming high. If you want to keep up with the latest informations about the HSCIV, just like us on Facebook:


16.12.2011 Qualifier USA
17.12.2011 Qualifier Europa
18.12.2011 Qualifier Korea

5.1.2012 Mainevent
6.1.2012 Mainevent
7.1.2012 Mainevent
8.1.2012 Mainevent


We're looking forward to a great event with great viewers!

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