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posted by Tyricro 10.11.2013


HomeStory VIII Header


We are very happy to announce the groups for HSC VIII!

They are as awesome as always - convince yourself!

The last two gamers will be announced shortly.



Group A     Group B   Group C   Group D
MC   jjakji   TaeJa   HerO
TLO   MaNa   Scarlett    TitaN
HeRoMaRinE   Socke    NightEnD   Kas
DIMAGA   Zenio    MoMaN   TargA
Group E   Group E   Group G   Group H
Stardust   iNcontroL   Symbol   HyuN
Nerchio   ToD   BabyKnight   Happy
Dayshi   TBA   HasuObs   HuK
Ret   Leenock   ThorZaIN   Harstem





Image Dennis 'TaKe' Gehlen about RotterdaM:

There’s nobody in eSports who I love more than RotterdaM


While HomeStoryCup VIII is about to start I’d like to talk about a very special person who contributed to the HomeStoryCup right from the beginning. This is the right moment to tell you why I love this guy so much :)


Kevin and I used to be active Warcraft III players and we had a lot of fun playing which turned us into very ambitious players. Back then a lot of Warcraft III players were crazy enough to create new accounts and achieve high ranks in the ladder to score the best stats possible.


There’s a little story that always comes to my mind when I think about Kevin and Warcraft III: We had a game on Turtle Rock where I was playing against Kevin while I used a “smurf” nicknamed NewComer and finally won against him using Mass Hawks against Firebats and Wyvern.


You should’ve seen the look on his face, how angry he was while he kept flaming me! It was fantastic and I honestly have to admit that even seven or eight years later I just can’t forget this one victory so that I even remember the positions in the fights.


And this is how it all began…


Okay, seriously. I really want to get some things off my chest and explain why Kevin is a very special person for both eSports in general and especially for the HomeStoryCup.


It all began at the end of 2010 when I started planning the first HomeStoryCup ever - a little tournament just for fun with a few gamers. So I asked Kevin (who I already regarded as a friend of mine at that time) if he wanted to join me as a caster, have some glasses of whiskey & coke and just to have fun with guys like HasuObs, ret, Socke and DemusliM. Kevin loved the idea but there was one problem for him: He was a Protoss player and that was the reason why he exclusively wanted to cast the games involving Protoss because he wanted to provide the audience with a cast as good as possible and he didn’t think he was able to cast other breeds.


It took some time to convince him and I told him it was fine if he only took care of the games related to Protoss so I would cast the other games with different players. (In the end he casted all of the games, but we’ll get to that later)


What I really want to tell you is that this reaction partly reflects Kevin’s character and this is one of the things that I love about him and we should all be a little more like that.


If he does something he wants to do it the best way possible and he wants the audience to realize that he knows what he’s doing. Kevin is a person who dedicates himself to the community because it’s his passion and he only does the things he really believes in. If that isn’t the case, Kevin loses his motivation and I suppose not even money could change his mind in the long run.


So Rotti fortunately came to HomeStoryCup I and after one or two whiskey & coke I was able to convince him (well, actually the community loved what we were doing so they wouldn’t let Kevin get up from the couch to stop casting) and that is why he ended up casting almost every game. In the end we had one of the best weekends of my life with a bunch of nerds camping on the floor of a 50m² flat.


By now I have the honor of presenting the 8th HomeStoryCup and did you know that – besides myself - only Socke, HasuObs and Kevin managed to take part in every single HomeStoryCup? For HomeStoryCup 10 I really have to think up something special for these guys! What is even more impressing though - and what I think is kind of invisible to the community because the people don’t really see what’s going on backstage - is the fact that Kevin has been living in the USA for several years now what makes it a huge effort for him to miss six or seven days of work (which means he can’t take care of the projects in America and has to do without the salary) to fly over to Germany for the HomeStoryCup. However, he always managed it and even this time he had to move heaven and earth to join the HSC and I want you to know, Kevin, that I am more than thankful for this because a HomeStoryCup without you just wouldn’t be the same!


But do you know what’s best? If your job is your passion that you are committed to with 200 % and that’s exactly what Kevin has been doing all along. He wouldn’t even accept money for the HomeStoryCup because he believes in what he does and as long as it makes him feel comfortable Kevin would probably even feel bad accepting money for doing what he loves to do. This is what shows me that this guy is the best caster EVER for the HomeStoryCup and he always will be!


Don’t get me wrong, I support the idea of people getting paid for what they are passionate about but I just wanted to highlight the fact that the HomeStoryCup still has staff members who love what we are doing and support us in every possible way.


Although eSports is moving quite fast and Kev and I don’t meet very often, whatever’s on my chest or whenever we meet it just feels like nothing has changed. Do you know this kind of feeling? You don’t talk to a certain person for months or even years but as soon as you meet again you can tell that nothing has changed at all before you even exchanged a word and that everything will be as good as it was before. For me, Kevin is this kind of person!


I am already looking forward to seeing Kev casting with ToD or NighEnD or maybe with NaNiwa? Who knows, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate Kevin as a person and there are even less people who aren’t able to get along with him in a proper way and admit that what he does is good!


My feeling tells me – please correct me if I am wrong – that this guy deserves even more “eSports love” than he already received so far because a lot of people don’t know him as good as they probably should. I honestly hope you will be lucky enough to have people like him in your life, someone you can always count on, who is honest to you and someone you can totally confide in – it’s what we all wish for, isn’t it?


This guy even combines all of his good traits with eSports what makes him even more likeable and even if I could go on like this for hours I’ll stop right here.


I’m sure you also noticed the fact that eSports became a little more serious and that nowadays there’s a lot more money involved than before because everything grew quite fast and different sponsors became aware of eSports lately so that even some kind of “politics” is playing a major role now. This refers to the sponsors of the teams that might cause conflicts or problems with tournament schedules and even Blizzard keeps an eye on the tournaments and what kind of image is being displayed.


Nevertheless we should still do what we love to do and keep inspiring thousands of people with what we always did in eSports because that is where we come from. Don’t let us ever lose the feeling of being a huge community that built up something that’s still evolving today. Esports isn’t about being an industry that tries to earn as much money as possible, it is about combining having fun and making some money at the same time. How can we achieve this? The answer is with people just like Kevin and those who love what he does and tell the community so we won’t forget.


I’m looking forward to everyone who joins us at HomeStoryCup VIII from 14th to 17th November for 4 awesome days!


My last words for are for you Kevin :)! At the HomeStoryCup we used to have a glass of whiskey & coke at 5 p.m. sharp and I really do hope we will keep this tradition at HSC VIII.


To cut a long story short, thank you Kevin for all you’ve done for eSports and especially for me! I wouldn’t be where I am nowadays if I hadn’t met you!

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