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posted by Third-Children 14.12.2012



Ah... HomeStoryCup... What for wonderful memories you've created so far. What wonderful casts you've already brought to us! We're sure, you will still entertain us in a few years from now. And to celebrate the success of the HomeStoryCups, we have prepared an early christmas present for you:




We are going to raffle away 350 Heart of the Swarm Beta-Keys!







350 keys. What a crazy amount! 150 will be handed out during the HomeStoryCup VI, to the live audience at the public viewing are (Read the news here). 100 of the keys will be randomly given to lucky TaKeTV subscribers. And to get the chance to win one of the remaining 100 keys, you just have to tell us who do you want to win the HomeStoryCup VI powered by XMG, and why you want him to win!


The raffle will last as long as the HomeStoryCup lasts. We will contact the winners in a timely manner after the HomeStoryCup VI powered by XMG. We wish every participant good luck and an awesome time during the HomeStoryCup VI powered by XMG!

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