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posted by Third-Children 02.07.2012


Okay guys, we finally set up the groups for the HomeStoryCup V! Only three days are remaining until TaKe's doors are opening again to the StarCraft II world elite. The lineup this time is just as awesome as last time. But let's take a closer look at the groups now:



Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Nerchio ClouD Ret SaSe MC MaNa Sheth MVP
Socke IdrA Happy GoOdy HasuObs Sleep Yongwha Golden
ToD Bly ReaL DIMAGA Tarson Kas Slivko NightenD
Naama BlinG IncontroL DarK.FoRcE TLO Destiny DBS Monchi




Group Schedule:


Group A, B, C & D will play on Thursday, 5th of July

Group E, F, G & H will play on Friday, 6th of July


Also, we are sorry to announce, that WhiteRa cancelled the participation at the HomeStoryCup V due to private reasons. We are sure he has his reasons and you will maybe see a statement from him in the next few days.



The Tournament System:


  • Two Group Stages

  • 8 groups with 4 players each ( 1st & 2nd of each group qualifiers for the second group stage)

  • The second group stage will have four groups with four players each

  • The best four players (decided via Points & Mapscore) get the chance, to switch with another player of their choice, after the seedings are done. The person who is going to be 4th will start first switching.

  • The top two of each group from the second stage will advance to the bracket

  • The bracket will be played in Single-Elimination and Best-of-Five.

  • The grand finals will be Best-of-Seven


Map Pool:



Round 1: ESL Antiga Shipyard
Round 2: ESL Cloud Kingdom
Round 3: ESL Daybreak
Round 4: ESL Entombed Valley
Round 5: ESL Metropolis
Round 6: ESL Ohana
Round 7: GSL Atlantis Spaceship



Prize Pool:

We managed to get a total prize pool of $25,000.00 this time. The money will be divided as listed below

1. 10.000 $
2. 6.500 $
3. 3.000 $
4. 2.000 $
5. 1.000 $
6. 1.000 $
7. 750 $
8. 750 $



We hope everyone will enjoy the show. see you on the 8th of July!


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